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Geometry , Algebra and Topology Seminar
Author:Xiaodong Pan   Nov 25, 2015     Hits:  

Speaker:  Ming Xu , Tianjin Normal University    

Time: 4:00pm---5:00pm, Tuesday, Nov,17. 

Place: East 409 room, School of Mathematics, Sichuan University

Title:  Positive curvature problem in homogeneous Finsler geometry
Abstract: In this talk I will discuss the the following aspects in Finsler geometry. The homogeneous Riemannian positive curvature problem, i.e. the classification of coset spaces, admitting homogeneous metrics of positive sectional curvature.  An informal introduction to Finsler geometry, and a flag curvature formula of homogeneous Finsler spaces. The main results on the classification of positively curved homogeneous Finsler spaces and the ideas of the proof

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