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The Closing Ceremony of the Third Sunshine Sports Culture Festival of Southwest Jiaotong University
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At four o’clock in the afternoon of November 11th ,the third sunshine sports culture festival of Southwest Jiaotong University came to its close.Accompanied by Li Zhihui,deputy party secretary of the School of Mathematics and Liu Mengxin,the counselor of grade 2014, athletes from different colleges lined up in the playground to attend the closing ceremony. 

  At the beginning,the host announced the schools which acquired exceptional scores.Students burst into cheers upon hearing the news that the School of Mathematics,with the total points of 234,came third in our university.Two days of endeavor eventually paid off,bringing about glory.Joys were blooming on everyone’s cheeks.

  On top of the third place,the School of Mathematics also won the award of Sporting Morality.Deng Qi,vice-chairman of the Students’ Union of the School of Mathematics,was selected as top ten advanced individuals which is an acknowledgment and encouragement for his work.Afterwards,Secretary Li and Mr.Liu took a group photo with the students.

  An interview with the deputy party secretary Li Zhihui was conducted shortly before the closing ceremony.Secretary Li was impressed by our marks,discipline and spirituality thus expressing his satisfaction towards the performance of the School of Mathematics.Secretary Li even took time off to watch the final of male and female 4×100 relay race which brought tremendous spur to the athletes.Secretary Li remarked.”Quite exciting,especially seeing students zealously came to support the exhausted athletes.”.Secretary Li showed his delight at the good quality of the School of Mathematics.When asked about his expectations towards next year’s sports meeting,Secretary Li highlighted the significance of drawing lessons from the past and wished the School of Mathematics could do better.

  Although the third sunshine sports culture festival of Southwest Jiaotong University has ended,the spirit of endeavor,unity and mutual aid will last long in students’ minds,inspiring them to keep on making history in their lives.







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