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The Opening Ceremony of the Third Sunshine Sports Culture Festival of Southwest Jiaotong University
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At half past seven on the morning of November 15th, 2014, students of the School of Mathematics assembled at the enternce of the north stadium on time . With the company of members in News Center and the Student Union, they reheared in the last time,preparing to go. They entered at 8am. Well dressed and standing straight,students of the School of Mathematics are particularly prominent in the numerous phalanxes. Before the opening ceremony, professor Chen Shangyun, the executive vice dean and party secretary, professor Li Zhihui, the deputy party secretary and Liu Mengxin ,the counselor of grade 2014 took pictures with students passionately.

The opening ceremony of the third sunshine sports culture festival formally began at 8:30. The first part is phalanxes’ displaying. First through the podium is the school faculty team. They walked slowly with vigorous figure. Positive spirit showed jiaotong university’s self-improvement. Followed by the team of every schools, they shouted their own slogans. Students of the School of Mathematics wore tracksuits which are in color of yellow and blue. They used elaborate design to show the mysteries of mathematics. At last, they treaded neatly to exit with the slogan, “Jiaotong university in hundreds of years, golden math, cultivate talents to rejuvenate the Chinese nation ,unremitting self-improvement.” On the other hand, the students in the auditorium shouted for our team and cheer for them.

The second part was talent shows performed by many associations like the dance club, all the students enjoyed them.

The third part was gymnastics shows. It was performed by several setting-up exercise squares. After a period of training, students of the School of Mathematics won the audience’s applause by their perfect performance.

At the end of this ceremony, the school headmaster delivered his opening speech and declared that the sports meeting’s open.

At the beginning of the sports meeting, all the athletes were fighting hard. We were looking for a high level competitive game. Of course, we hope that the students of the School of Mathematics can make great achievements.



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