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University office of leadership to visit our hospital for work research
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  On November 13, 2018, director zhong chong, assistant director guo jian and deputy chief deng yuanxi, deputy chief of housing resources department conducted a survey on the work of the assets and laboratory of the school of mathematics. Xu ge, secretary of the party committee of the school of mathematics, li zhihui, vice President of the school, Yang han, wang lu and related staff attended the symposium.
  Wang lu, vice President of the first work report, mainly from the experimental teaching, laboratory safety, housing management, and other aspects of the recent management of our hospital. Then, the two sides discussed the recent focus of the school of mathematics on asset management. Director zhong chong introduced the relevant policies and management methods of the school in detail, and answered and guided the problems and difficulties existing in our hospital. He indicated that the asset and laboratory management department fully provided quality management services to support the construction of mathematics discipline and doctoral program.
  Finally, on behalf of the college, secretary xu ge expressed his gratitude to the head of the office. The research symposium ended in a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

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