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Southwest jiaotong university department basketball game hot
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   At 12:00 noon on November 5, the first division match of the school of mathematics took place in the north district basketball court. The competition is between the school of mathematics and the school of geography. Although our college finally lost the school of geography, but we worked hard, the conviction of the field has become a beautiful landscape.
   The game between the school of mathematics and the school of mechanics and engineering kicked off at the north district basketball court at 12:00 noon on nov 9. Teacher zhang hang, counselor xie tongxin, 17, and some students from the school of mathematics were present. After a tight race, the math academy won its second game with a score of 46:41.
   Situation review: in the first half of the game, the two players are very passionate and the competition is very intense. At the start of the game, both teams adopted a combination of attack and defense. Basketball players dribble, pass, and rebound with a strong body. As the game went on, the players on both sides slowly got into shape and the game became more and more intense. After the first half, the school of mathematics was temporarily behind the school of mechanics and engineering with a score of 19:21.
   After the interval, the two sides switched places. Although the players' physical fitness has declined, the intensity of the game has not. In the college of mechanics, there were more mistakes, and the basketball players got more free throws. Athletes take this opportunity to increase the intensity of attack, with the team's tacit cooperation, constantly forge ahead, every point must contend. In the last quarter, the game entered the white-hot stage, our side continued to score under the strong attack of the other side, the final score at 46:41, the game won.
   This competition is very wonderful, not only reflects the personal characteristics, but also reflects the strength of teamwork. In the case of the loss in the first game, the basketball players in our hospital can resist the pressure in the second game, work hard and win, which also reflects the unique spiritual charm of the players.

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