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Chengdu institute of technology visited our institute for study and research
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   On November 9, at 2:00 PM, chengdu institute of technology and the school of mathematics of our school successfully held a study and research meeting in X2511. To attend the meeting of the staff have college of mathematics, deputy party secretary Yang Yuhong teacher, mathematics institute, vice President of the jade (wang lu, associate professor at the institute of mathematical statistics department Tang Guyin, chengdu institute of industrial information and computing science department assistant Wang Ke associate professor, department of information and computing science, director of the office of to become the teacher, teacher li's deputy director of the information and computing science statistics teaching and research section, associate professor, department of information and computing science furien, YanZhiQing teacher.
   This meeting has carried on the profound research discussion on the statistical specialty construction aspect. First of all, the two sides actively exchange the advanced experience of the college in scientific research, and get to know each other about relevant materials, such as the teaching plan and the teaching outline. Therefore, the college also provides more Suggestions for chengdu institute of technology. Secondly, our hospital also Shared with each other advanced experience in the training of national college students statistical modeling contest and statistical investigation and analysis contest. During the discussion of graduate students, wang lu, vice President of the university, encouraged undergraduates to take part in the postgraduate entrance examination, saying that the examination is beneficial to students themselves and the quality of teaching, and students are welcome to consider jiaotong university. Master's degrees are divided into master's degrees and master's degrees, which are relatively difficult, and the tuition fee for master's degrees is more expensive, but wang mentioned that students have high salary after graduation. The two teachers gave us various opinions and Suggestions, and also analyzed the development paths of different directions of undergraduates.
   At this point, the meeting was successfully concluded. I believe that the experience of this exchange will help the two universities to develop better.

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