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School of mathematics career planning lecture
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    On November 6, at 7:30 PM, the career planning lecture of the school of mathematics was successfully held in X4352. This lecture will be given by Mr. Su mingwen who is currently a lecturer in the CFA/FRM institute of gaotong finance.

Mr. Su started the lecture with a real example of college students looking for a job. This lecture is mainly divided into the following four aspects: a brief introduction of ACCA,CFA and other qualification certificates and examination methods, as well as a brief course introduction; The rate of taking part in the entrance examination and the rate of maintaining the entrance examination for the mathematics major, the research direction chosen after graduation, the post after work and the corresponding salary; The situation and future development direction of the students in mathematics department of our university; Knowledge of financial statistics.

    According to su, for students majoring in mathematics, if they can learn about finance and computer after learning professional knowledge, they will have a wide range of job opportunities in the future.

    The purpose of this lecture activity is to enable college students to have a more comprehensive understanding of career planning, improve personal skills and practical working skills, and enhance their social competitiveness. In this lecture activity, students benefit a lot and gain a lot. After the lottery session, the lecture was successfully concluded at 8:30.

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