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The cultural corridor of the series of mathematical culture festival activities
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Source: school of mathematics author: press center - deng fluyang date: 2018-11-03 14:31:59 hits: 56

At 3:00 PM on nov 1, the cultural corridor of the series of mathematical culture festival was grandly held on both sides of jingqin road. Teacher deng siran, secretary of the communist youth league committee of the school of mathematics, teacher xie tongxin, counselor of the 17th grade, chairman and vice chairman of the student union present to guide the activities in an orderly manner.

The cultural corridor is divided into answer area, stamp area and ring receiving area. The answer questions are divided into ABCD area, which corresponds to interesting mathematics and mathematics history, basic mathematics, professional mathematics and college entrance mathematics. Students participated in a high degree of participation, actively answered questions, and the atmosphere was warm.

After two hours of enthusiastic answers and a ring to receive the prize, the culture gallery successfully concluded at 5:00 PM. Mathematics is the foundation of all subjects. Through the fun game mode, this activity enhanced the students' understanding of mathematics culture, aroused everyone's interest in learning mathematics, demonstrated the charm of mathematics, and had very positive significance.

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