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The opening ceremony and lecture series of the ninth mathematical culture festival were successfully concluded
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The opening ceremony and lecture series of the 9th mathematical culture festival of southwest jiaotong university were officially held in lecture hall 1 of the library at 7:00 PM on oct 30. Mathematics institute Xu Ge secretary of party committee, the school vice secretary, vice President of the institute of mathematics Pan Xiaodong Zhu Hui Yang Yuhong, college party committee, deputy secretary of the information and computing science department associate professor, professor hai-liang zhao, director of the public instruction Liang Tao Wang Qin, statistics department associate professor, institute of mathematics learning art team deputy team leader, secretary of the communist youth league and Deng Siran teachers, coaches Zhong Yiting teachers, childlike innocence, si-jia li teacher xie and other brother institute youth corps committee teacher, student body President, etc. As a guest to attend this activity.

The first agenda of the opening ceremony, all rise and sing the national anthem; Then, the second agenda is the opening speech for professor xu ge, party secretary of the school of mathematics. Professor xu ge showed that mathematics is an indispensable and important application in contemporary society, and expressed his affirmation for this mathematical culture festival. He hoped that students could gain something by participating in the activity, have a deeper understanding of mathematics, and connect mathematics with life closely. The last item on the agenda is the opening of the mathematical culture festival. In the students warm applause, the opening ceremony of the mathematical culture festival came to a successful end.

After a short three-minute break, the math contest lecture series begins. First, associate professor wang qin introduced the SAS competition. Professor wang qin has been engaged in the research on the application of probability statistics, management science and engineering, time series and other aspects, and won the 2016 "HSBC cup" SAS competition excellent instructor award. Professor wang qin explained in detail what the SAS competition, the source of the SAS competition, the six modules of SAS, the current competition situation in China and the benefits of participating in the competition. He also expressed that he welcomed all students to participate in the competition. He hoped that students could learn knowledge through the competition and improve their personal ability.

Next, professor liang tao, director of the public mathematics research department of the school of mathematics and national excellent instructor of the national college students mathematical modeling contest, introduced and explained the national college students mathematical contest and mathematical modeling contest. Professor liang tao introduced the competition from several aspects, such as the origin of the competition, competition system, competition requirements, competition content and so on. At the same time, professor liang tao strongly encouraged students to participate in the competition, with "one competition, lifelong benefits" as the conclusion of the explanation. That's the end of the math contest lecture series.

The math culture festival consists of four activities, namely, number has music, culture gallery, mathematics competition and mathematics competition lecture, aiming at cultivating students' mathematical thinking and improving their ability to solve practical problems. I hope students can enjoy the fun brought by mathematics through this activity, appreciate the magic of mathematics, analyze the ubiquitous mathematics in life, and meet every challenge with smart thinking and high emotion!

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