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Pu Yun,Vice President of Southwest Jiaotong University,went to the college and surveyed the work of
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At 8:30 am, on Mar. 5th,2014,Vice President Pu Yun went to the College of Maths for the survey,and delivered a presentation on the fund-raising of alumni.Attending members were Cheng shangyun,Secretary of the Party Committee of College of Maths,Li zhihui,deputy secretary,Yang Han,Vice president of College of Maths,Fan Xiaoming, assistant of president of College of Maths,Guan Xiaodong,director of office.

Secretary Cheng firstly briefed recent years’ relevant reports on the work of alumni of College of maths.He mentioned the priority for the work of alumni,ideas and attempts in the search of the sustaining development,and some actual achievements of the work of alumni.

After the briefing Vice President Pu Yun expressed his approve of the work done by College of Maths.He points out that the work of alumni is an important criterion for evaluating the nourishment of people with abilities,that alumni serve as the foremost resource for the construction of a university,and that the work of alumni should be perceived as common.He put forward four suggestions on how to maintain vividness for the work of alumni : first,improve the status of the work of alumni in the development of the university;second,try to construct and complete the mechanism for the work of alumni;third,provide every alumni lasting services for their life long development;last,take as fundamental for the work of alumni the construction for local alumni committee,and push to construct a well-rounded and all-encompassing alumni network,"from a point via a line to a plane" as the Chinese way goes.

In the end,Secretary Chen expressed again to the group led by Vice President Pu Yun welcome and thanks and he said he would direct the entire college to innovate and perspire,thus leading the work of the college to a brand-new step.

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