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“Cracking Mystery Using Probability, Deciphering Riddle Applying Statistics”----A Successful Lecture
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“Cracking Mystery Using Probability, Deciphering Riddle Applying Statistics”----A Successful Lecture Given by Professor Yan Jia’an

At ten o’clock in May 19th ,Doctoral Supervisor, Professor Yan Jia’an, researcher of Institute of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Applied Mathematics, visited the School of Mathematics and delivered an academic lecture named ‘Cracking Mystery Using Probability, Deciphering Riddle Applying Statistics’ in X2511. Deputy Dean, Professor Chen Zili presided over the lecture. Also presented at the lecture was professor Li Weiping, who was a member of the tenth batch of ‘Thousand Talents Program’. In addition, Honorary Dean, Professor Chen Gemai, Party Secretary,Professor Chen Shangyun, Deputy Party Secretary Li Zhihui, Deputy Dean,Professor Yang Han, Assistant to the Dean, Professor Fan Xiaoming,Lecturer Zhou Zhengchun, Deputy Director of  the Department of Computational Mathematics,Pan Xiaodong. Director of the Department of Statistics,Tang Jiayin, along with professors and graduate students from different departments, attended the lecture.

As an introduction, Professor Yan gave us a brief explanation of the differences and links between Randomness and Discretion, bringing us to the world of probability and statistics. Subsequently, by demonstrating the daily utilization of Bayes Formula, Professor Yan put forward some thought-provoking everyday problems involving probability and statistics. Different from the common abstruse academic lecture, the one given by Professor Yan was rife with examples taken from quotidian issues,which were illustrated from the perspective of probability and statistics, and the truth behind which were fully excavated, rendering the lecture invigorating. In the end, Professor Yan shared with us a science poem, concluding the lecture in an ambience of buoyant.

After the lecture, Professor Chen Zili invited the audience to air their own views, and communicate with Professor Yan on scientific issues. A question about whether the disparity of weight of a corn will affect the probability proposed by Professor Huang Tianming aroused fierce discussion among professors and students, and Professor Yan gave us his point of view. Every raised question was meticulously addressed and elucidated by Professor Yan, the rigorous scientific attitude behind him is an integral part of mathematics and even other disciplines.






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