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An Award Show Held by the Faculty of Mathematics
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An Award Show Held by the Faculty of Mathematics

At 7:30 p.m. December 11th ,a well prepared award show was held on the third floor of the first dinging hall ,which was to show that our youth are colorful .Cheng Shangyun ,Executive Vice Dean and Party Secretary with the company of Li Zhihui,Deputy Party Secretary and Yang Han ,Deputy Dean and many other teachers attended to the show.

 First, it was the award ceremony. Over the last year, students of mathematics college obtained the scholarship by studying hard. It’s worth mentioning that Ji Shenggong won the highest award of SWJTU which called Si Shi Yang Hua Prize.

 At the end of the ceremony, Professor Chen Shangyun delivered a speech and expressed sincere congratulations to all the students and class who had been awarded, wishing all the teachers and students great achievements during the next year. Then, the show started. The beginning of the show was a band performance with drums ,keyboard and other instruments,which brought down the house. Then the staff played a video which was directed by News Center,Youth Volunteer Association and Student Union, which also won cheering and shouting. Afterwards,it was the program put on by the Student Union,which showed their talent.Besides, Zhang Juan,the advisor of the Student Union,with all the teachers and students, sang a song called love each other. After that  it performed mathematical poem recitation and Tibetan dance.What was the most anticipated was drama, the biography of ZhenHuan,which was adapted from TV series to show a different war among the women in the palace.During the drama, with the help of Wu Mengxin who is the counselor of grade 2014,the laughter became louder constantly.

 Later, many performances were put on one after the other ,such as the Group of Youth Volunteer Association, the Chinese dance, the chorus with the name of we are all the same, the family of News Center , hip-hop and the song performed by the junior students. Among these performances,the hip-hop inspired the whole atmosphere by the light melody and agile steps .The last program was the chorus sung by postgraduates.During the song, all students came to the stage and the show completely ended with the beautiful song.  

 During all the time, all the audience were willing to attend the interactive platform with WeChat. There were three sweepstakes. During the last sweepstakes, due to the network delay, Professor Chen song a old song to cheer the audience.

 Although the Award Show ended, it was an unforgettable memory with joys and sorrows during their lifetime. We all believe all the teachers and students of the School of Mathematics will be able to create our glory.




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