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A Dream of Reading in Southwest Jiaotong University,a campaign for pleasant reading on classics in S
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At 2pm on the afternoon of April 21st,2014 saw the magnificent holding of the E-book news conference on the Portable Library as well as reference books on classics on general education on the platform of the second floor in the library of Xi Pu campus located in Southwest Jiaotong University.Attending members were Gu Liya,secretary of the party committee,Xu Fei,President of Southwest Jiaotong University,with other university leaders,Que Chao,general manager of Co.,Ltd. Beijing Century Superstar Information Technology and Zhuo Yang,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Library of Tibetan University.Under the leadership of Instructor Xu Haijing,students of College of Maths attended this activity.

At the very beginning,the president delivered a speech,focusing on the thinking of reading on classics as well as its meaning and methods of it.Subsequently the crystal ball was initiated by president of our university ,secretary of the party committee and other leaders as well as participants that took their part.

Our university and Tibetan University promote ethnic cultural communication via the classic bond,making the classics help the contribution to the culture of the two universities.Afterwards the recitation of Chinese classic poems led by Instructor Gan lin,College of Art and Journalism,and her students guides people to the ulterior meanings as well as the affluent emotional world of the poet.All the students attended the Literature and Commonsense Lecture by Liu Shahe,a contemporary renowned poet.Senior Liu Shahe developed the speech covering the origin of human and that of words,as well as the development of Chinese hieroglyphs and words.Many students were awarded different prizes during the awarding section and their attitdue toward studies makes the example of every student.

Students felt the powerful atmosphere of reading and understood the profundity of Chinese words and characters,and they thoroughly comprehended the importance of reading on classic literature as well as classic culture.

After the end of this activity,students of College of Maths offered their help to move all the desks and chairs back to their previous location.


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