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School Of Mathematics Holds Quality Development Activities Of Student Cadres
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On April 12, half past 8’o clock, School Of Mathematics held Quality Development Activities of Student Cadres in the southern district stadium. The activities are sponsored by the Life Department of the Mathematic Student Union, whose topic is “Unite to cooperation, Harmony and Sharing”. Teacher Zhang Juan, deputy secretary of Mathematic Communist Youth League and Counsellors of students in grade 2011, joined the activities. All student cadres of the Mathematics Student Union, News Center, Youth Association and monitors and league secretaries of each grade 2013 classes also joined in.

The activities were hosted by Xiao Yibin and Liu Jiao, members of the Life Department. All participants were divided into groups, each group then selected a captain and gave their group a name and shouted it out together. Before the formal activities, the hosts firstly lead them to the warm up-- “Give the charge”. During the transition time, Miss Zhang came to students. She felt so comforted to see that students were in such entertainment. Teacher Zhang informed students that they must focus on safety while happily enjoying the activities, and it’s necessary to prevent heatstroke in the hot weather. Then students enthusiastically invited Teacher Zhang to join them. Finally, Teacher Zhang joined the “Siwu” team.

After the warm up, the hosts organized participants to start the match.

The first match is “Link speed”, this is a game which testing team cooperation. “Wo bu shi di yi, shui shi di yin” team got the first place by good coordination and spirits of cooperation. Next turn began after a moment of rest. Hosts lead to the second game with a nursery rhyme “Kangaroo mum, kangaroo mum has a pocket……”  “Kangaroo jump” required that every member of each team should take part in. “Wu si lian meng” team which fell behind in the first turn struggled to catch up and ranked the first.

Following was the third game “I am the cock king”, which testing player’s endurance. “San ge nei han” team won the first and picked up their faith. After the rest, all participants entered the fourth game “Have mutual affinity” by hosts’ leading. This game needed students to cooperate and coordinate body. During the game, each team had its characteristics. “Wu si” team’s performance was rather outstanding in the activities. As the activities went by, it had become white-hot and all students reached the top of the excitement. The last game, named “Minefield”, requiring cross the obstacle and reach the terminal point under the cooperation of two people.

Finally, “Wo bu shi di yi, shui shi di yi” team won the first prize, “Si wu” team got the second and “San ge nei han” team came third. The activities deepened the understanding of our student cadres to each other, improved the friendship and strengthened cohesion power of the academy. Each member had received not only awards but also spiritual qualities which can’t be replaced by material.


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