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The leaders of the Mathematics Academy visit the retired staff and the straitened party members ?
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9th February, 2014 the vice-president of SWJTU Gefu Jiang along with the secretary of the Mathematics Academy’s committee Shangyun Chen and the chairman of the academy’s labor union Xiaohua Yu visit Professor Chongyan He, the former leader of the Mathematics Academy, in the family area, extending their regards to him on behalf of the staff of the SWJTU. Specially, the leaders of the Mathematics Academy, including Sangyun Chen, Zili Chen, Han Yang, Zihui li, Xiaohua Yu visit the families of the Professor Kejun Guo and the associate professor Xinqing Ye, the 15th in the same month. And the leaders also express their sincere thanks and blessing to all the guest professors, the retired staff, the straitened party members and all the people who have supported and helped the Mathematics Academy in various ways.
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