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Get Ready for Your Vocation---A lecture successfully delivered by Professor Yin Xiangrong
Author:News Center-Wu Yujie   May 30, 2015     Hits:  


On 15:40, May 29, Professor Yin Xiangrong delivered a lecture titled’ Get Ready for Your Vocation’ to the students from the School of Mathematics. Instructor Xu Haijing presided over the lecture.

Professor Yin Xiangrong, Overseas Dean of School of Mathematics, is the lifetime professor of the Department of Statistics from University of Georgia, whose academic research centers on High Dimensional Data Dimension Reduction, Regression Analysis, Data Classification and Identification, Data Mining and Pattern Recognition etc, among which the elementary studies of theory and application have made breakthroughs, standing at the forefront of international academy. During his teaching career, masters and doctors cultivated by Professor Yin Xiangrong take up various jobs ranging from business fields like Amazon, JP Morgan to political or academic fields including FDA, CollegeofWilliam&Mary,UniversityofTennessee, all performing extraordinarily.

At the very beginning, Professor Yin not only gave us his own understanding of some key words, namely aspiration, inspiration, enlightenment, interest, characteristics, but also touches on the methodology of research and teem cooperation. Meanwhile, Professor Yin introduced some basic information about theUniversityofKentucky, and gave us some promises.

The lecture given by Professor Yin is aimed at enlightening the students on their career plan and inspiring them to view their study, work and life by way of an alternative perspective, which will be of great value to their future life. At the end of the lecture, Professor Yin expressed his blessings and expectations to the students, and was applauded by students in enthusiasm.

In the end, Professor Yin took a photo with the students present at the lecture, drawing the lecture to an end.





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