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The Organization Work Of Fifth Math Contest
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For further improving our college students’ enthusiasm of learning math, searching and selecting innovative and talented students in mathematics, pushing the reformation of us college’s math classes and construction and improving the teaching standard of college math courses, the fifth college students math competition of Southwest Jiaotong University will be jointly organized by the Office of Teaching Affairs and the School of Mathematics. This competition will be divided into non-math major group and math major group. The mathematics competition will take on in the form of close book test, the total score of the competition is 100. The contest is planned to be held from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock on May 17 inXipu campus. Award-winners will have chance to take part in the Sixth National College Mathematics               

Competition in the name of school. The time and place of the competition will be announced in school educational website and theSchoolofMathematicswebsite a week before the competition.

In recent years, our school has taken many measures to improve the quality and standard of college student’s math education. Students of our college won great awards in the fifth National College Mathematics Competition. Here we enthusiastically welcome our full-time college students in grade 2011, 2012 and 2013 to sign up and take part in the competition.

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