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College Students' Job-hunting Skills Upgrading Lecture Series--Construction of Employment Channels
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On the afternoon of 1st April, the School of Mathematics held the College Students' Job-hunting Skills Upgrading Lecture Series about construction of employment channels at 17 o’clock in the X4350 classroom. Xu Haijing, the School of Mathematics youth corps committee secretary, hosted this training lecture. At the same time, Zhang Juan, the deputy secretary of the youth corps committee was also presented. And they invited some mechanical college students to listen to the lecture with students who entered the university in 2011 of mathematical college.

This lecture included the definition, classification, comparison and development of job searching channels. The channel is the way to collect information of jobs and approach to hunting for jobs. The employment system is self-employment now. In this situation, building job-hunting channel is very important. The job-hunting channel mainly includes normal channel and special channel. Normal channel mainly includes recruitment, newspapers and magazines, employment service center of school and online job-hunting. In these channels, we must pay attention to details and make most use of resources which can help us. The teacher Xu encouraged students to take part in small recruitments actively to search for more chances for ourselves. When comes to job site, we can refer to JOBS, ZHAOPIN, China HR, rc114 and Yang Hua site in our school. Then the most important part in job-hunting channel is network among people. The recommend of relevant staff have been the way to employ staff in many company. So making full use of network is very important. This relationship is not equal to pull the string, but the all of staff resources to obtain information. Special channels also includes internships, job blogs etc. And each job-hunting channel has advantages and disadvantages. The students can get a full understanding on the Internet, after which they can choose a proper job-hunting channel. The strategy of career choice should be selected direction, selected location and accurate positioning. The employment information students get through various channels should be classified, then, process information and determine the job objective. Teacher Xu ask students to expand a wide net and carefully select, which is conducive to employment.

Through this seminar, we believe that many students will have begun to learn the various job-hunting channels, to acquire favorable informations about employment. When we on the way to look for a job, we can't walk alone. Based on improving their own capabilities, we should open our vision so that we can acquire more opportunities to achieve success.



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