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Warm congratulations to the dissertation by Prof. Zhou Zhengchun admitted into
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In the year of 2013 saw the end of second round expert evaluation of nationwide excellent doctoral dissertations.Prof. Zhou zhengchun's paper,design of low-dependent and research of relevant code( applied fundamental research category ,directed by Instructor Tang Xiaohu,Southwest Jiaotong University) was admitted into nationwide excellent doctoral dissertations.

This selection of nationwide doctoral dissertations is the 15th round since the first one in 1999,and targets are dissertations by doctoral academician awarded by national degree providers from Sept.,2010, to Aug. ,2011 ,some by doctoral academician from Sept. ,2006 to Aug. ,2010 also took part in the selection.100 dissertations are selected after 4 rounds: recommendation of degree providers,preliminary selection by provincial degree committee,reviews by peer experts and the expert reevaluation.

According to the Methods for selecting nationwide excellent doctoral dissertations and it is now open to the public that during the following 60 days ,any selected dissertations that have academic misconduct,or from which major research results can’t prove true as well as other faults,can be complained in the written form to the educational administration of management and research for postgraduates.And after the session for dissention,selected dissertations are admitted by the Educational Departmant and Degrees Committee of the State Council.

And warm congratulations to Prof. Zhou!


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