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College Students' Job-hunting Skills Upgrading Lecture Series ----- Job searching etiquette
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On April 10 at 15:30, the School of Mathematics held lecture series of college student’s job-hunting skills upgrading. This lecture was themed by Job searching etiquette and invited Gao Lei, the vice party secretary of mechanics academy as the lecturer, with Zhang Juan attended, the vice secretary of the youth corps committee and counselor of the degree 2011. Before the lecture, Mr. Gao mentioned the importance of punctuality and wished everybody would develop habit of punctuality in daily life. As the literal meaning in the word, ‘礼’ refers to manner and politeness, ‘仪’ refers to appearance and action. Starting with appearance, Mr. Gao taught us many rules in details, and when it comes to manners, he said that self-introduce was very crucial. Then he taught us a trick, that is, to try to remember the names of interviewers so they maybe have a good impression. Next, shaking hands as an important manner, he explained it with interaction of students in two lines. One step distance, eyes contact, smile, force seven, three ups and three downs, these shaking manners should be kept in mind. Meanwhile, it taboos to shaking hands with left hand. It is quite exquisite to pass on name card. First you should pass with two hands and let the side of name on. When you exchange card, you should pass with right hand and take with left hand and put it into coat pocket instead of plants pocket. As for every aspect of manner, it is also be a test in many recent interview. Not only does the face-to-face manner need to pay attention, but phone talking is also an important part. You need to look out your tone and introduce yourself and communicate with the other one. There are too much left to learn such as manners in elevator, cars and giving presents, so it couldn’t be explained too detailed, we can learn it through the internet.

Everybody benefited a lot from this humorous lecture. Many students will enter the army of hunting jobs , these manners will certainly be very close to us. Only when we deal with every details can we grasp opportunities. Wish everyone can make it with good  job searching etiquette.


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