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6月29日创源报告1: Envelope Models and Methods (包络模型及其相关方法)

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报告题目 Envelope Models and Methods (包络模型及其相关方法)

报告人: Dr. Zhihua Su



This talk presents an introduction of a recent statistical concept called an envelope. An envelope has the potential to achieve substantial efficiency gains in multivariate analysis by identifying and accounting for immaterial information in the data. The efficiency gains are demonstrated both by theory and examples. Today the scope of envelopes is extended well beyond multivariate linear regression.  An overview of recent developments in this area will be discussed. Applications of envelopes and their connection to other fields will also be mentioned.

时间:2015629日上午 9:00--10:00



主讲人简介:Dr. Zhihua Su is an assistant professor at Department of Statistics, University of Florida (USA). She got her Ph.D. in statistics for University of Florida in 2012. Her research interests mainly lies in Dimension reduction, Multivariate analysis, Bioinformatics, Model Selection, Nonparametric statistics.




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