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创源学术讲座:Rank-One Matrix Pursuit for Matrix Completion and Its Extension

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       报告人:Prof. Lai Mingjun




Lai Mingjun is a professor at Department of mathematics, University of Georgia(USA). He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University (USA) in 1989. His research interests are mainly on Approximation Theory, Compressed Sensing, Computational Optimization, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Mathematical Image Analysis, Multivariate Splines, Numerical Analysis, Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, Wavelet and Frame Analysis. He has authored more than 120 scientific research articles in indexed journals, refereed conferences and books. He currently serves as an associate editorfor Journal of Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis.


Title:Rank-One Matrix Pursuit for Matrix Completion and Its Extension(关于矩阵填充的秩为1的矩阵追踪算法及其扩展)

Abstract:Matrix completion has been studied for about 10 years. I will explain several approaches to complete a matrix, in particular, the rank-one matrix pursuit algorithm and its economic version in detail. The algorithm is scaleable, of linear convergence, and has constant storage complexity.

Extensive numerical experiments show that our algorithm has the same accurate as the best approach while it is much efficient. Linear convergence will be explained in more detail. Then we extend the algorithm to deal with tensor completion. 




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