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"创源“大讲堂:Multi-sensory Analysis (多感知分析)

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海  报

报告人:Prof. Ludovic Koehl  (ENSAIT, France )

讲座题目Multi-sensory Analysis (多感知分析)

讲座时间:201561日   14301630



Ludovic Koehl is Full Professor and Deputy Director of Research in ENSAIT since September 2010. In 2006, Ludovic Koehl got his Qualification for leading research activities with the manuscript entitled: "Optimization of the quality and comfort of textiles by combining physical data and human knowledge". Since 1999, he has been involved in a great number of projects dealing with optimization of the quality and comfort of textiles by integrating physical measures and human knowledge in the field of technical textiles, quality of textiles as well as new usage and consumers' behavior studies for textile industry. Since 1998, he has published more than 110 papers. His research interests include pattern recognition, data mining, computer modeling and their applications in textile industry.




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