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海  报

报告人:Prof. Vassilis G. Kaburlasos and Prof. Georgios Papakostas, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece

讲座题目:The Potential of Logic/Reasoning in Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications




Vassilis G. Kaburlasos received Ph.D. degrees from the University of Nevada (USA) in 1992, and currently serves as a Professor in the Department of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece. His research interests include computational intelligence modeling and human-machines interaction applications. He has been participant, investigator or leader in 22 research projects. He has been a member of the technical/advisory committee or an invited speaker in 20 international conferences and a reviewer of 28 indexed journals. He has authored more than 120 scientific research articles in indexed journals, refereed conferences and books. Currently, there are more than 700 third party citations to his published work corresponding to an h-index of 14.

George A. Papakostas currently serves as an full Professor in the aforementioned Department of Computer & Informatics Engineering. He has (co)authored one edited book and more than 80 publications in indexed journals, international conferences and book chapters. His research interests include pattern recognition, computer/machine vision, computational intelligence, machine learning, feature extraction, evolutionary optimization, signal and image processing. Dr. Papakostas served as a reviewer in numerous journals and conferences and he is a member of the IAENG, MIR Labs, EUCogIII and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE).



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