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报告人   Una Benlic 助理研究员,英国斯特林大学




Title: Hybrid Breakout Local Search and Reinforcement Learning Approach to the Vertex Separator Problem

Reporter: Una Benlic, University of Stirling

Abstract: The Vertex Separator Problem (VSP) is an NP-hard problem which arises from several important domains and applications. In this lecture, we present an improved Breakout Local Search for VSP (named BLS-RLE), which uses a new parameter control mechanism that draws upon ideas from reinforcement learning theory. For each perturbation phase, BLS-RLE determines, in an interdependent manner, the number and the type of perturbation moves. Extensive experimental evaluations and statistical comparisons on a wide range of benchmark instances show significant improvement in performance of the proposed algorithm over the existing BLS algorithm for VSP.

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