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报告人   Una Benlic 助理研究员,英国斯特林大学




Title: Breakout Local Search: Application to Gate Allocation Problem

Reporter: Una Benlic, University of Stirling

Abstract: Breakout Local Search (BLS) is a recent variant of Iterated Local Search with a particular emphasis on the importance of perturbation. It explores the search space by a joint use of a local search procedure (usually a simple descent/ascent algorithm) and a diversification mechanism which adaptively determines the number and type of perturbation moves by considering some information related to the search state. In spite of its conceptual simplicity, BLS often shows to be highly competitive with some well-established metaheuristics. Moreover, it is among the current state-of-art algorithms for several classic NP-hard combinatorial problems. This seminar presents an application of BLS to gate allocation, one of the most important and complex airport related problems.

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