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Thermal runaway for a nonlinear diffusion modelr a no

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报告摘要:The  Ohmic heating model prescribes the imensionless temperature when the electric current flows through two conductors, subject to a fixed potential difference.  In this talk we will show  that the solution of the problem exists globally, provided that the conductor with constant resistivity is connected. Furthermore, for some special temperature-resistivity relations, the unique stationary solution is shown to be global asymptotically stable.


报告人简介:樊明书,ag网站亚游登录副教授,研究方向为偏微分方程,主要研究兴趣为非线性抛物方程解的奇性分析。2000年毕业于四川大学数学基地班,2014年于四川大学获得理学博士学位。主编《线性代数》教材一本;参与自然科学基金面上项目一项;目前已在国际一流杂志:Discrete and Continuous Dynamic System-A, Nonlinear Analysis-RWA, Computer and Math. with Application, J. Comput. and Appl. Math., Appl. Math. and Comput.等上发表论文二十余篇。






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