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报告题目 At the interface between deterministic and statistical models(确定性模型和统计模型之间的接口)

报告人: Dr. Edward Boone


Mathematicians and statisticians attempt to model real world phenomenon using different approaches.  Mathematicians typically use deterministic models such as differential equations approaches that can model very complex systems however typically ignore uncertainties.  Statistical models are typically data driven and have difficulties modeling very complex systems.  The goal of this talk is to present various lines of research that integrate both deterministic and statistical models.  These are presented using interesting real world examples.

时间:20141219日上午 10:00--11:30


主讲人简介:Edward Boone博士是弗吉尼亚联邦大学统计科学与运筹学系的副教授。他主要的研究兴趣包括:贝叶斯统计、层次模型、缺失数据、模型选择、不确定性的量化以及统计学在生态和医疗健康中的应用,发表杂志论文超过30篇。Boone博士Journal of Statistical Computation and SimulationTransactions on Modelling and Computer SimulationComputational Statistics and Data Analysis多本杂志的评阅人曾担任多个重要的国际学术会议的程序委员会主席。




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