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SWJTU-Ulster AMI联合研究中心国际学术会议

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        SWJTU-Ulster AMI研究中心国际学术会议:“Towards Advanced Machine Intelligence for the Cyber World

报告人:Xiaohua Tony Hu, Francisco Herrera, Bryan Scotney, Daniel Yeung, Luis Martínez López, Hui Wang, Hong Zhu

时间及地点:Southwest Jiaotong University, Jiuli Campus, Room 0228, 8:30am–6:30pm, Sunday, 6th of July, 2014


1.    Opening Ceremony (开幕式)

-       8:30-8:40: Prof. Zhiping Fan gives a welcome speech on behalf of SWJTU

-       8:40-8:50: Prof. Bryan Scotney gives a welcome speech on behalf of Ulster

-       8:50-9:00: Prof. Zili Chen gives a welcome speech on behalf of School of Mathematics of SWJTU

2.    Reports (学术报告)

-       9:00-9:50: Prof. Xiaohua Tony Hu, Drexel University, Big Data and Social Media Applications

-       9:50-10:40: Prof. Francisco Herrera, University of Granada, Big Data: Introducing Computational Intelligence Approaches

-       10:40-10:50: Coffee Break

-       10:50-11:40: Prof. Bryan Scotney, University of Ulster, High-Level Understanding From Low-Level Events: Complex Event Recognition

-       11:40–12:30: Prof. Daniel Yeung, IEEE Fellow, Sensitivity Based Image Filtering for Multi-Hashing

-       12:30–14:00: Lunch Break

-       14:00–14:50: Prof. Luis Martínez López, University of Jaén, How to Manage Consensus Reaching Processes in Large Scale Group Decision Making?

-       14:50–15:40: Prof. Hui Wang, University of Ulster, Knowledge Supported Learning

-       15:40–16:30: Prof. Hong Zhu, Oxford Brookes University, From Design Patterns to Cyber-patterns: Towards a Formal Methodology for Research on Big Data




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