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创源大讲堂学术讲座--Dr. Qin, Gengsheng

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讲座题目: Jackknife empirical likelihood-based inferences for a low

                    income proportion

报告人:  Gengsheng Qin 教授,佐治亚州立大学数学与统计学院

主持人:  殷向荣教授

讲座时间:2014年6月27日下午 3:00pm-4:00pm



内容简介: Low income proportion is an important index in describing the inequality of an income distribution. It has been widely used by governments in measuring social stability around the world. Established inferential methods  for this index are based on the empirical estimator of the index. It may have  poor finite sample performances when the real income data is skewed or has outliers. In this paper, we propose a smooth estimator of the low income proportion, and a smoothed jackknife empirical likelihood approach for inferences of the low income proportion. Wilks theorem is obtained for the proposed jackknife empirical likelihood ratio statistic. Various confidence intervals based on the smooth estimator are constructed. Extensive simulation studies are conducted to compare the finite sample performances of the proposed intervals with some existing intervals. Finally, the proposed methods are illustrated by a public income dataset of the professors in University System of Georgia.



      Qin,Gengsheng,佐治亚州立大学教授、研究生主任,博士毕业于香港科技大学,分别在加拿大维多利亚大学以及美国印第安那大学做博士后。现任国际统计杂志Annals of Statistics,Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics,Australia and New Zealand Journal of Statistics,Biometrics,Canadian Journal of Statistics等杂志审稿人,发表学术论文四十余篇。







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