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【学术海报】创源大讲堂学术讲座系列--Zhao, Yichuan教授(GSU)

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报告题目:Jackknife empirical likelihood for linear transformation

               models with  interval censored failure time data

报告人:   Zhao, Yichuan教授


讲座地点: 2014年623日下午3:00 - 4:00

讲座地点: 犀浦校区二号楼ag网站亚游登录 X2511



For regression analysis of interval-censored failure time data, Zhang et al. (2005) proposed an estimating equation approach to t linear transformation models. In this paper, we develop two empirical likelihood (EL) inference approaches for the regression parameters based on the generalized estimating equations. The limiting distributions of log-empirical likelihood ratios are derived and empirical likelihood confidence intervals for any specified component of regression parameters are obtained. We carry out extensive simulation studies to compare the proposed methods with the method discussed by Zhang et al. (2005). The simulation results demonstrate that the EL and jackknife EL methods for linear transformation models have better performance than the existing normal approximation method based on coverage probability of confidence intervals in most cases, and they enable us to overcome an under-coverage problem for the confidence intervals of the regression parameters using a normal approximation when sample sizes are small and right censoring is heavy. Two real data examples are provided to illustrate our procedures.       

主讲人简介:Dr. Yichuan Zhao于2002年在佛罗里达州立大学统计系获得哲学博士学位,现任美国佐治亚州立大学统计系教授。主要从事Survival Analysis, Empirical Likelihood Method, Nonparametric Statistics, Analysis of ROC Curves, Bioinformatics, Monte Carlo Methods 和 Statistical Modeling of Fuzzy Systems等方面的研究。现已发表数十篇高水平国际论文。他同时也是神经科学研究所(Neuroscience Institute)准会员和佐治亚州立大学PUHR的兼职教员。



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