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英国Ulster大学 Jun Liu博士学术报告

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报告人:英国Ulster大学 Jun Liu博士

报告题目:Reliable Decision Support System





报告人简介:Dr. Jun Liu is currently a Reader in Computer Science at School of Computing, Ulster University at Jordanstown Campus, Northern Ireland, UK. His current research is focused on two themes: 1) logic (including non-classical logic) and automated reasoning methods for intelligent systems: theory and applications (e.g., software verification). 2) Intelligent decision methodologies (IDM) using techniques from systems theory, operational research and artificial intelligence, with applications management, engineering, and industry field etc. (e.g., safety and risk analysis; policy decision making; security/disaster management; situation awareness and emergency systems, and scenario/activity recognition).


He has authored or co-authored over 140 publications, and served as editors of 5 international journals. He has been awarded a substantial amount of research funding as grant holder and principle co-investigator, totalling over ?1.5 million from various funding bodies in the above research area. He is a member of the IEEE, IEEESMC and IEEECI, a member of EUCog. He is the Executive Steering Committee Member of International FLINS Conference and the Executive Steering Committee Member of International ISKE Conference. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.


报告摘要:The talk will be focused on reliable decision support. It is not only considered about reliable system development, but also the reliable model/algorithms. The challenges and problem to be solved are highlighted including such as heterogeneous data and different contexts; reliable knowledge: legislation, regulation, law, policies, expert experience/advices uncertainty; transparent, interpretation, and justification; knowledge representation & processing. Some possible solutions including recent work are summarised.  The key target application includes prediction, detection, verification, decision, and planning.


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