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挪威科学院院士Tor Helleseth教授学术报告( 代数编码及其应用前沿系列讲座)

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报告时间:3 December 2018,2:30-3:30pm (Monday)

报告地点:Room X7503#

主持人(Chair) 周正春教授

报告题目: Two-level autocorrelation of sequences: An overview


Maximal length sequences (m-sequences) over an alphabet of size p, p a prime, are sequences having period p^n – 1 that are generated by a linear recursion of degree n. These sequences have many nice applications due to their celebrated two-valued autocorrelation property. There are several other sequences with similar two-level autocorrelation properties. In this talk we present a brief overview and history of the problem of finding binary and non-binary sequences with a two-valued autocorrelation.

Speaker’s Short Biography

Tor Helleseth教授是挪威科学院院士,Bergen大学终身教授,IEEE Fellow,中国外国专家局“高端外国专家项目”特聘专家,信息科学领域的国际著名学者,一直致力于基础理论和应用研究,在编码理论、信息安全、组合数学等领域都做出了开创性和奠基性的工作,迄今已发表论文300余篇,其中包括国际信息论旗舰刊物《IEEE信息论会刊》100余篇。

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