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    本期讲学内容主要针对研究生、相关研究人员和高年级本科生而设置,主要涉及到视频数据处理的基本数学理论,算法技术实现和相关大数据最新研究进展,会给听课者描绘关于视频大数据处理的整体概貌, 目的在于快速的将听众引领到相关研究领域。期间会专门安排座谈会,以方便听众与专家互动。这是一次难得的与国际一流专家面对面交流的机会,欢迎广大师生踊跃参加并相互转告。





    Applied Math in Computational Imaging and Machine Learning

    These lectures are intended for students who are interested in Applied Math, Computer Vision and Machine Learning and have taken undergraduate courses in Calculus, Partial Differential Equations and Linear Algebra.  The lectures will cover applied mathematics topics in solving real world problems, primarily in the fields of computational imaging, wireless communications and machine learning, including the topics of iterative solutions of systems of linear equations, compressed sensing and Lipschitz learning. The materials presented in the lectures are related to recent research results in computational imaging.


Preliminary agenda:

1 Introduction

2 Basics of computational imaging

3 Basics of matrix computations

4 Lensless imaging

5 Iterative solutions of linear systems

6 Imaging with structured illumination

7 Noise analysis

8 Compressive imaging

9 Introduction to theory of compressed sensing

10 Lipschitz learning





    Hong Jiang is a Department Head in Bell Labs. His research interests include signal processing, digital communications, and image and video compression. He invented key algorithms for VSB demodulation and HDTV video processing in the first generation receiver chipset for the North America HDTV ATSC system. He pioneered hierarchical modulation for satellite communication that resulted in the commercialization of video transmission over satellite and made key contributions to applications of the hierarchical modulation in the DVS-SH standard. He led the Bell Labs team that invented the lensless compressive imaging as a new way to record the world around us. He has published more than 70 articles in peer reviewed scientific and engineering journals, and more than 40 U.S. patents in digital communications and video processing.


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