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英国UIster大学Huiru Zheng教授学术报告

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报告人:Huiru Zheng教授 英国Ulster大学

报告题目:Network-based approaches to large scale biomedical data integration (基于网络的大规模生物医学数据综合分析方法)




In this talk, Prof. Zheng will highlight her recent work in the development of network-based approaches to large scale biomedical data integration. The application to integrated metagenomics analysis and disease subtypes identification will be presented. The presentation will conclude with the discussion of challenges and opportunities in multiscale computing and multiplex networks.


Prof. Huiru Zheng is a Professor of Computer Science with School of Computing and a full member of Computer Science Research Institute at Ulster University, UK. She is a Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. She was awarded a PhD in Computer Science (Data Mining) in 2003 and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education in 2005 from Ulster University. Within her broad interests in data mining, data integration, machine learning and healthcare decision support, Prof. Zheng has a particular research interest and expertise in integrative data analysis, complex network analysis, pattern recognition, assistive technology to support health and wellbeing, and behavior analysis. She has a successful track record of winning research funding as a Principal Investigator and has been a grant holder of research projects funded by EPSRC, TSB, DEL, NHS, Invest NI and European Commission including SMART Self Management, NOCTURNAL, CLARCH COPD Self Management, Self Management Platform for Connected Health, CardioWorkBench, SenseCare and MetaPlat. She is co-leader of WG4 in the COST ACTION – OpenMultiMed. The products of her research have been reflected in her over 200 peer reviewed journal and conference publications. Prof. Zheng is a Senior Member of IEEE. She serves on the editorial board of several international journals and serves as co-chairs and program committees of a number of international conferences.


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