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题目:Random Dynamics of Fractional Parabolic Equations on Unbounded Domains

报告人:王碧祥 教授 美国新墨西哥矿业理工学院

时间: 923日(周一)下午4:30-5:30


摘要:In this talk, we will discuss the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of the fractional parabolic equations with polynomial drift terms driven by  nonlinear noise defined on unbounded domains. We first prove the well-posedness of the equations by the Banach fixed point theorem based on  pathwise uniform estimates as well as uniform estimates on average.  We then  define a mean random dynamical system via  the solution operators and  prove the existence and uniqueness of weak pullback mean random attractors. We finally establish the existence of invariant measures of the equations when the diffusion terms are Lipschitz continuous.

个人简介:王碧祥,美国新墨西哥矿业理工学院教授。主要从事偏微分方程、确定与随机动力系统及随机分析等领域的研究。在Transactions of AMSSIAM系列杂志、JDEJDDE等权威学术期刊上发表了一系列高水平的学术论文,受到国内外同行的广泛关注。



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