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Faculty and Staff

Currently, the School of Mathematics has 136 faculty and staff members (20 in Emei campus). There are 104 faculty members in Chengdu campus, including 53 full professors and associated professors, one adjunct professor who is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), one in the National “Thousand Talents” project, one national outstanding mid-aged expert, four in the provincial “Thousand Talents” project, one provincial leader in academy and technology, two winners of the Provincial Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.

Member of CAS (adjunct professor): Anmin Li

National Outstanding Mid-aged Expert: Yang Xu

National Advanced Worker: Yang Xu

Winner of “National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation”: Zhengchun Zhou

Provincial “Thousand Talents”: Haitao Zheng, Cuiling Fan, Zhongwei Yang

Winners of the Provincial Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars: Zhengchun Zhou, Cuiling Fan

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